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What The Fuck is a Rickety Pixelcast?

- February 28, 2016 -
Rickety Pixelcast - the greatest podcast ever

Later this month we’ll be debuting our podcast, “creatively titled” as Rickety Pixelcast. Yeah, yeah, everyone has a podcast about gaming at this point, but that’s exactly why I’m writing this.

*puts on sunglasses, slicks back hair, lights a cigar*

The Rickety Pixelcast is going to be goddamn amazing. I can’t stress or overhype this enough. Prepare yourself for the most eargasmic, mind blowing, skiddle diddling audio experience of all time. Of ALL TIME damn it! The English language doesn’t have enough words to describe how amazing this podcast is going to be.

Very slight exaggeration aside, here’s why the Rickety Pixelcast is going to rock!

Years of Production Experience

Abhishek and I have been collaborating on creative projects ever since we met in high school. We’ve hosted online shows, multiple podcasts, ran a magazine, started a game company, made music, fallen asleep to The Amazing Spider-Man together, and more.

This podcast isn’t going to feature a pair of awkward ass punks, we got this shit locked down son! #gethyped #getswole


Too many podcasts are afraid of stepping out of the niche they’ve carved out in the fear of alienating their audience. That’s not how we roll. We play pretty much all types of games and keep tabs on game culture, but we’re not going to limit ourselves by that. You can look forward to us bringing up topics you’ve never even thought a gaming podcast could. #seriouslygethyped #swolecity


The Rickety Pixelcast may be new, but as aforementioned, we’re not. Not only have we been glued to gaming for over a decade, we’ve actually crossed over and made games ourselves. Our perspectives are different than most gaming sites, we always strive to be as well rounded as possible. Except for in the gym. No roundness allowed, bro. #swolegalaxy

So all kidding aside, we’re very excited and happy to be debuting the Rickety Pixelcast soon. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy recording it.

(seriously though, are you swole?)

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