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Overwatch Beginner Tips You Actually Need To Know

- May 25, 2016 -
Overwatch beginner tips you actually need to know

There’s a lot of sites giving all sorts of Overwatch beginner tips already, but usually they’re too generic. I’ve put together some actionable advice that you can implement right away, I hope it helps you on your journey of becoming a badass Overwatch player. I’m very excited to see the meta evolve over the next few weeks and months.

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DOOM Classic Map Location Guide

- May 17, 2016 -

The new DOOM has some amazing Easter Eggs! In fact, you can find levels from DOOM I and DOOM II. This classic map location guide will help you unlock all 13 levels. Happy hunting.

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How To Increase FPS In Doom 2016 – Doom Tips

- May 13, 2016 -

Here’s how to increase fps in Doom 2016 in less than 120 seconds of your time! Subscribe for more Doom goodness and other magical game videos.

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Stellaris – How to Make your Homeworld a Tomb World

- May 14, 2016 -

Stellaris is out, and I’m spending too much time making races!

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