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Stellaris – How to Make your Homeworld a Tomb World

- May 14, 2016 -

Stellaris is out, and I’m spending too much time making races!

If you want yet another option for making races more diverse, allow me to introduce you to the Tomb World. This (very) old-fashioned mod is easy enough to execute, with a quick text edit.

First off, you want to create the race as you see fit. Don’t worry about the type of homeworld you pick – it’s irrelevant for now. Save the race, and exit the game.

Next, head over to┬áthe Stellaris folder in Documents, Paradox Interactive. Open user_empire_designs.txt and edit the “planet_class” attribute to be “pc_nuked”.

Save this file, close it, relaunch the game, and enjoy the fancy new (old?) homeworld!

Other options for your homeworld include:

– pc_ai
– pc_arctic
– pc_arid
– pc_asteroid
– pc_barren
– pc_barren_cold
– pc_continental
– pc_desert
– pc_frozen
– pc_gaia
– pc_gas_giant
– pc_infested
– pc_molten
– pc_nuked
– pc_ocean
– pc_ringworld_habitable
– pc_shielded
– pc_toxic
– pc_tropical
– pc_tundra

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