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Overwatch Beginner Tips You Actually Need To Know

- May 25, 2016 -
Overwatch beginner tips you actually need to know

There’s a lot of sites giving all sorts of Overwatch beginner tips already, but usually they’re too generic. I’ve put together some actionable advice that you can implement right away, I hope it helps you on your journey of becoming a badass Overwatch player. I’m very excited to see the meta evolve over the next few weeks and months.

Prefer to read? This entire guide is available in text form below.

Prioritize Your Survival (With The Team In Mind)

Dying in Overwatch is not like dying in Call of Duty. It takes time to get back to the action, and your death could be the turning point in a match.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to play the objective and help your team win. You can’t do that if you’re dead. Run away if you’re being outnumbered or outmatched, collect some health or get healed, then jump back in.

There will be times when you just can’t win a firefight. If you’re playing Soldier, sprint away, teleport if you’re Tracer, use the hook as Widowmaker, etc. Live to fight another day.

You’re not Rambo :).

Prioritizing your survival is one of the most important Overwatch beginner tips.

The Payload Moves Both Ways

This is one of those Overwatch beginner tips that’s super obvious, but no one really thinks about it.

If you’re paying Escort or Assault/Escort and defending, you’ll notice that the payload retreats when the attacking team is NOT nearby. Keep pressure on the Payload!

P.S. The Payload heals you when you’re attacking.

Try Hero Abilities While You Wait

Reading about hero abilities is one thing, but executing them is whole different ballgame.

The game gives you plenty of time to set up at the start of a round, so this is a perfect time to try out all of your powers. You may find that some of them work differently to your interpretation of the text, and you may get inspired to use them in new ways.

The start of a round is the best time to achieve a baseline familiarity with your hero. Experimenting during this time is kind of like experimenting with new sex positions, it’s exciting and you don’t fully know how it’s going to go. Will you have the time of your life or will your dick fall off?? Time to find out!

You can also practice your heroes against the AI if you need more time to test them.

Overwatch beginner tips featuring Winston

Winston is not as tough as he looks.

Stick With Your Team

Even the toughest heroes like Winston will get absolutely destroyed if they’re caught out on their own.

Unless you have a specific flanking plan or are sniping from afar, always stay close to your teammates. Your group will be able to output higher concentrated DPS (damage per second), and group healing will be easier.

Staying together is easily one of our most important Overwatch beginner tips, so make sure you do it! Just make sure you don’t block your teammates’ vision and to give yourself some space so that projectiles don’t tear you apart.

Again, you are super duper not Rambo!

Start With These 6 Heroes

A lot of people wonder who they should start with in Overwatch. The question has no right answer because it depends on your skill, what you like, and what your team needs. But as a general rule of thumb, try getting good with these heroes when you’re learning the game:

Soldier 76 is your most standard Shooty McShootface FPS character, plus he has solid healing.

Pharah has great mobility and rockets do loads of damage. Plus her ultimate barrage is just a lot of fun.

Mei can close off chokepoints and buy your team valuable time, plus she’ll cause chaos and panic with her freeze gun.

Junkrat is really easy to play because you can constantly blast grenades onto the enemy. Use him to keep pressure on the opponent’s team.

Reinhardt has a fantastic shield that’ll help your teammates out in just about any situation. You can use the shield to push forward AND to retreat strategically.

Mercy is your standard healer with a revive ultimate and super useful mobility. If you’re new to healing, definitely start with her.

Move Unpredictably

Overwatch is a very fast game, so use that speed to your advantage.

If you run in straight lines it’ll be really easy for Widowmaker to snipe your ass, or for Pharah to blow you to smithereens. Stutter stepping left and right and zig zagging all over the place will make it way harder to kill you.

This is one of those “generic” Overwatch beginner tips, but it’s definitely the one most people forget about.

Overwatch beginner tips with Tracer

Tracer will never be your creepy waifu if your settings are wrong.

Optimize Your Controls and Settings

Did you know that some important gameplay elements are turned off by default? How crazy is that?!

Head over to the character specific controls and turn on the ability to view health bars as Soldier 76 and Torbjörn. This will help you become more effective and intelligent with your healing powers.

Also, turn on the kill feed in your options. Sure the game looks nicer with less UI, but it’s really good to know when your teammates are being killed at a glance. It’ll help you coordinate and come up with a better plan.

Playing without the kill feed is like a woman pissing at a urinal with her eyes closed. It just doesn’t make sense.

Don’t Rush

Playing the objective and rushing are not the same thing.

If you’re attacking, don’t blindly charge towards the objective in a straight line. Keep an eye on what’s around you and the objective, you’ll need to make some quick decisions.

If you’re defending, don’t push too far ahead. It’s tempting to create a spawn trap, but with branching paths, good players will easily avoid you like the plague. Aim to set up kill boxes with your team, meaning you want to create super dangerous areas that funnel the enemy.

Switch Heroes As Needed

This is probably the most crucial one of my Overwatch beginner tips, so if you skimmed through the rest, please pay attention to this one.

Although heroes are broken down by class, it doesn’t mean you have to exclusively use them for a singular purpose. For example, if you’re attacking but the enemy keeps overwhelming the objective, you can chip at them with Junkrat or create chaos with Mei.

Every hero has several strengths and weaknesses that are based on other heroes and the situation, so your choice won’t always be the most effective one. Pay attention to the balance of the enemy team and your team’s needs, and you’ll be able to switch effectively.

That’s it! I hope these Overwatch beginner tips help you out. If you want to see more Overwatch tips and plays, check out my YouTube channel. I’ll be uploading a lot more over the next few weeks.

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