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Lube Up, New Rocket League Maps Are Coming

- February 28, 2016 -
New Rocket League Maps

Oh hell yeah, new Rocket League Maps are coming! Developer Psyonix will be adding a new Rocket Labs playlist, featuring 3 crazy maps. How crazy you ask? Keep reading and see for yourself.

GameSpot met with Design Director Corey Graves, giving us the first look at the upcoming maps.

Utopia Retro

Utopia Retro is a bit of a callback to the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars (rolls off the tongue). The field will be more donut shaped than the standard Rocket League map.


Underpass features more elevation changes by lifting the sides of the arena. I’m pretty excited to fail at doing wicked ass flips and aerials on this one!

Double Goal

The Double Goal map splits the goals into 2 different openings. This seems pretty wacky, it’ll be interesting to see how standard Rocket League tactics evolve for this one.

Additionally, Psyonix will be adding a whole bunch of new items, including Deadmau5’s famous red helmet. A release date hasn’t been given yet, but the developers have been teasing us on Twitter recently, saying that the new DLC will be available “soon.”

Rocket League will also be getting a much-requested feature, the ability to report cunty players. No details have been given yet on how it’ll work and it remains to be seen whether it’ll be effective, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. There’s a lot of cunts out there. But whatever, new Rocket League maps are on the way!

I’m pretty stoked about all this. Rocket League was easily my 2nd favorite game of 2015, and I go back to it pretty regularly. I’m looking forward to the variety that the new maps will bring, now if I could just get 10 straight ranked wins with my buddy in 2v2, I’ll be a happy camper.

But alas, the Rocket League gods have yet to smile upon me.

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