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DOOM Classic Map Location Guide

- May 17, 2016 -

The new DOOM has some amazing Easter Eggs! In fact, you can find levels from DOOM I and DOOM II. This classic map location guide will help you unlock all 13 levels. Happy hunting.

You can see all of the DOOM classic map locations in the video playlist above, or click each link below for a specific mission.

Mission 1: The UAC

This one’s pretty simple, just pull the lever and head inside. You’ll get The Entryway from DOOM II as a reward.

Mission 2: Resource Operations

You have to do some light parkouring for this room, so just make sure you don’t fall off the map. Hangar from DOOM is the reward.

Mission 3: Foundry

The bridge is huge but the lever can be tricky to spot because of it’s color. This unlocks Nuclear Room from DOOM.

Mission 4: Argent Facility

Aha! This is the first hidden lever, just knock away the barrels to reveal it. You’ll unlock Toxin Refinery from DOOM.

Mission 5: Argent Energy Tower

This one’s easy to get but takes some time because of the floating platform. Be patience and Halls of the Damned from DOOM will get unlocked.

Mission 6: Kadingir Sanctum

A sneaky one! The lever is in darkness (right next to the Dovahkiin Easter Egg) and the room is a floor below. You’ll unlock Slough of Despair from DOOM.

Mission 7: Argent Facility (Destroyed)

Another straightforward room, just make sure you don’t fall off the map. The reward is Underhalls from DOOM II.

Mission 8: Advanced Research Complex

This room is probably the trickiest one. You’ll have to maintain your balance and make small movements to get Phobos Lab from DOOM.

Mission 9: Lazarus Labs

Phew, this one’s a lot easier than Mission 8. Pull the lever, jump down the hole, and you’ll have Tower of Babel from DOOM in no time.

Mission 10: Titan’s Realm

This is another simple room, don’t get disoriented though. You’ll unlock Phobos Anomaly from DOOM.

Mission 11: The Necropolis

Nothing will get in the way of you unlocking House of Pain from DOOM.

Mission 12: Vega Central Processing

This one’s easy to miss, so be on the lookout for the red soldier’s corpse. You’ll unlock Command Control from DOOM.

Mission 13: Argent D’nur

The final DOOM classic map location is another simple one. Trigger the skull and follow the blood trail, and you’ll unlock Pandemonium from DOOM.

I hope this DOOM classic map location guide has been helpful. Cheers.

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