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Best Mortal Kombat X Tips Part 1: General Strategy

- February 28, 2016 -

You’ll have to be patient as you follow these Mortal Kombat X tips, because like most fighting games, MK X is really tough. You must bring lots practice and dedication to the table.

The community’s been playing the franchise for many years and you’ll most likely get destroyed online, but it’s really important to grind out the initial beatings and strive to continuously improve.

Here are some of my best Mortal Kombat X tips.

Stick to 1 Character

This allows you to get familiar with the mechanics. You can always learn more characters later, but doing so off the bat will get you mixed up and confused.

Learn Basic Combos

Check out the in game move list, there are lots of useful 3 hit combos that can do some solid damage or create space. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these combos for your character since they’re the foundation for bigger ones that do massive damage.

Don’t Forget to Block

Blocking is easy to do and can buy you valuable time. It can be tempting to always be on the offensive, but that’s not wise. If you remember to block at dire times, you’ll throw your opponent off.

Don’t Spam Specials

Special moves can be cool and flashy, but they’re not designed for individual use. You want to include them in quality combos instead of just throwing fireballs or teleporting. If you continuously do this, your opponent will quickly punish you.

Pay Attention to Your Opponent

Keep track of your opponent’s actions and patterns, they’ll reveal a lot. You’ll recognize openings and start formulating dynamic strategies on the fly once you get good at this.

These Mortal Kombat X tips may seem basic, but you’ll definitely notice your game improving if you follow them. Be sure to check out part 2 of this guide for even more tips!

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