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Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer Analysis and Reactions

- May 7, 2016 -

Wow! The new Battlefield is set in WWI, but does the reveal trailer live up to the hype…?

Overall, I’m very excited to see Battlefield go in this direction. With Call of Duty Infinite Warfare doubling down on space and the future, this will offer variety for those of us who play and enjoy both franchises.

But how will Dice translate trench warfare into a fun game? What modes will we have in multiplayer? Which fronts will we see in the campaign? I’ve got so many questions!

I assume there will be lots of gameplay at E3 this year. I’m specifically interested in seeing multiplayer footage. In the past, EA have done orchestrated multiplayer videos, but the thing I’m most anticipating is seeing how it actually plays for the average player. Idealized Battlefield vs actual Battlefield are two very different things.

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