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“Polygon Plays Doom” is Funny, but Sad

- May 17, 2016 -

Now that the jokes are out of the way, let’s get serious.

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Stellaris – How to Make your Homeworld a Tomb World

- May 14, 2016 -

Stellaris is out, and I’m spending too much time making races!

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10 CS:GO Commandments

- March 17, 2016 -
10 Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Commandments

These aren’t just rules for CS:GO – they’re a code to live by…

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5 Games More Historically Accurate than Gods of Egypt

- February 28, 2016 -

When it comes to accurate depictions of historical settings and mythology, Gods of Egypt was a little off the mark. We thought we’d put together a list of games that do a better job of dealing with the setting, for those of you who have a hankering for some good old fashioned Egypt.

Remember – this is a list of games as compared to Gods of Egypt.

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