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The Amazing History of Battlefield

- May 11, 2016 -

Let’s take a look at the amazing history of the Battlefield franchise, and how it became the multiplayer juggernaut it is today.

The Timeline

2002 – Battlefield 1942 was a groundbreaking first person shooter featuring 64 player combat on classic maps like Wake Island.

2004 – Battlefield Vietnam was a bit of a disappointing sequel, partially because of its development hell, and partially because 1942 set the bar too high.

2005 – Battlefield 2 takes the series to the modern era whilst introducing a slew of beloved mechanics like commander mode.

2005 – Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was a console release that tried to emulate some of the best aspects of Battlefield 2. It didn’t do a great job.

2006 – Battlefield 2142 sent the franchise into the future, much to the chagrin of many fans. That┬áTitan mode though.

2008 – Battlefield: Bad Company focused more on the single player campaign, smaller multiplayer, and the console experience.

2009 – Battlefield Heroes was a free to play third person shooter that borrowed heavily from Team Fortress 2.

2009 – Battlefield 1943 was a small console remake of the Pacific Theater in 1942, running on the Bad Company engine.

2010 – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was a massive success despite having a console focus and even won some PC fans over.

2010 – Battlefield Online was a free to play Korean market shooter running on the 2142 engine but using Battlefield 2 assets.

2011 – Battlefield Play4Free was yet another free to play game. This one mixed parts of Battlefield 2 with Bad Company.

2011 – Battlefield 3 returned the series to top form with the reintroduction of 64 player combat and massive maps.

2013 – Battlefield 4 brought back┬áthe commander feature and large scale multiplayer demolition called Levolution.

2015 – Battlefield: Hardline puts a cops and robbers spin on the typical Battlefield formula.

2016 – Battlefield 1 is going to be set in World War I.

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