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10 CS:GO Commandments

- March 17, 2016 -
10 Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Commandments

These aren’t just rules for CS:GO – they’re a code to live by…

10 Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Commandments

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Thou Shalt Not Team Kill

Said another way – don’t be a dick! Whether it’s funny or not, and even if the win is in the bag, there is no reason to ever break the first commandment. Even when it’s really really funny.

Thou Shalt Honor Thy Team Leader

Know your place in the ranks. The person in charge is there for a reason.

Thou Shalt Play Thy Position

The movies always show the roguish lone-wolf that separates from the group, saves the day, and gets the girl all on his own. The movies are wrong. Play your position, and everybody wins.

Thou shalt not steal the fucking AWP your teammate dropped & swapped for just a second to take out that one guy at close range

What is on the floor is not yours.

Thou shalt buy for your teammates when needed

Don’t be the 1%. Spread the wealth, spread the love, win the game.

Thou shalt not rush blindly

Unless you are actually, physically blind, don’t ever rush without checking!

Thou shalt announce thy grenade throws in great detail

Not following this commandment might result in the breach of commandment number one. And that makes you a dick, remember?

Thou shalt fornicate with the enemy’s mother

The only thing better than doing it before a match is doing it after a victory.

Thou shalt run faster with a knife

Physics-be-damned – switch to your knife and get there faster. You don’t have time to amble when you’re out in the field!

Thou shalt play Dust 2 50% of the time

Again, this is more a “way of life” rather than anything else…


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